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The Top 3 Manakish Flavors at Arabian Fish House

When it comes to starting your day on the right note, finding the perfect breakfast spot is crucial. In the vibrant city of Sharjah, there are numerous breakfast restaurants to choose from. However, one establishment stands out among the rest: Arabian Fish House. With its delightful menu, charming ambiance, and exceptional service, Arabian Fish House has become the go-to destination for breakfast lovers in Sharjah

Breakfast Restaurants: A Perfect Start to Your Day:

   In addition to the tempting Manakish flavors, Arabian Fish House also offers a delightful selection of breakfast options. Whether you’re an early riser or prefer a leisurely brunch, their breakfast restaurants are the perfect destination. Start your day on a delicious note with a variety of freshly baked Manakish accompanied by a range of side dishes such as olives, fresh vegetables, and aromatic dips. From the classic zaatar and cheese Manakish to the savory meat-filled varieties, Arabian Fish House provides a breakfast experience that will awaken your taste buds and energize you for the day ahead.

Arabian Breakfast: top Manakish Flavors some Start to Your Day:

Apart from the tantalizing Manakish flavors, Arabian Fish House also offers a delectable selection of Arabian breakfast options. Immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage with a variety of freshly baked Manakish accompanied by olives, fresh vegetables, and aromatic dips. The breakfast menu features an array of flavors, from the traditional Labneh Zaatar and Cheese Manakish to the savory Meat Manakish. This breakfast experience will awaken your senses, allowing you to savor the authentic tastes of Arabian cuisine.


Manakish, a beloved Middle Eastern dish, has gained immense popularity worldwide. With its delicious flavors and versatile options, it has become a staple in the culinary scene. At Arabian Fish House, renowned for its seafood and coastal cuisine, you can indulge in a delightful twist by exploring their top three Manakish flavors. In this article, we will delve into the tantalizing tastes of Manakish Labneh Zaatar, Meat Manakish, and the delightful breakfast offerings at this exceptional restaurant.


Arabian Fish House is not only a seafood haven but also a destination for exceptional Manakish flavors and a delightful Arabian breakfast experience. The Labneh Zaatar Manakish entices with its creamy labneh and aromatic zaatar, while the Meat Manakish offers a savory sensation with its perfectly seasoned meat and caramelized onions. Cheese enthusiasts will relish the indulgent Cheese Manakish, packed with gooey goodness and flavorful herbs. Additionally, Arabian Fish House’s breakfast menu provides a flavorsome start to your day, featuring a variety of Manakish options and traditional accompaniments. Treat yourself to the top three Manakish flavors at Arabian Fish House and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the rich flavors of Arabian cuisine.


Levantine cuisine is renowned for its rich flavors, vibrant ingredients, and a diverse culinary heritage that spans across countries like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine. If you’re in Sharjah and looking to experience the authentic taste of Levantine cuisine, there’s no better way to start your day than with a delightful Levantine breakfast at a family restaurant. In this article, we will delve into the wonders of Levantine cuisine, the unique qualities of a Levantine breakfast, and recommend a family restaurant in Sharjah where you can savor this culinary journey.

Manakish Labneh Zaatar: A Creamy and Aromatic Delight:

Arabian Fish House’s Labneh Zaatar Manakish is a heavenly combination of creamy labneh and aromatic zaatar. The soft, fluffy dough serves as the perfect canvas for the creamy labneh, a strained yogurt known for its tangy and velvety texture. Topped with a generous sprinkling of zaatar, a traditional Middle Eastern spice blend, this Manakish offers a harmonious fusion of flavors. The zesty and earthy notes of zaatar beautifully complement the smoothness of labneh, creating a truly delightful experience for your taste buds.

Meat Manakish: A Savory Sensation:

If you’re a meat lover, the Meat Manakish at Arabian Fish House is a must-try. This savory delight features thin, crispy dough topped with a mouthwatering mixture of seasoned ground meat, caramelized onions, and aromatic spices. The meat is cooked to perfection, infusing the Manakish with rich and robust flavors. Each bite offers a symphony of savory, tender meat, complemented by the sweet notes of caramelized onions. The combination of textures and flavors in the Meat Manakish will leave you craving more.

Cheese Manakish: A Cheesy Delight:

Cheese enthusiasts are in for a treat with Arabian Fish House’s Cheese Manakish. This variant showcases the irresistible combination of melted cheese, herbs, and spices on a perfectly baked dough. The cheese is gooey and indulgent, offering a delightful stretch with each bite. The herbs and spices add a burst of flavor, elevating the overall taste profile of the Cheese Manakish. Whether you prefer the classic mozzarella or crave a more adventurous blend of cheeses, Arabian Fish House has a cheese Manakish option to satisfy your cravings.


When it comes to savoring the finest Manakish flavors in Sharjah, Arabian Fish House stands out as a top culinary destination. Known for its exceptional seafood offerings, this renowned restaurant also offers a delightful selection of Manakish that will tantalize your taste buds. In this article, we will explore the top three must-try Manakish flavors at Arabian Fish House, making it one of the best places in Sharjah for breakfast enthusiasts to indulge in a memorable dining experience.

Breakfast Places in Sharjah: Arabian Fish House is your perfect place :

Arabian Fish House in Sharjah is not only known for its seafood expertise but also stands out as one of the best breakfast places in the city. With its diverse menu of delicious Manakish flavors, it offers a breakfast experience that caters to all taste preferences. From the traditional Labneh Zaatar to the savory Meat and indulgent Cheese Manakish, Arabian Fish House provides a delightful array of flavors to start your day right. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor to Sharjah, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the best Manakish flavors at Arabian Fish House and embark on a breakfast adventure like no other.

Arabian Fish House in Sharjah is a culinary gem that offers an unforgettable breakfast experience. As one of the best places in the city to indulge in Manakish flavors, it caters to breakfast enthusiasts seeking the finest culinary delights. From the flavorful Labneh Zaatar Manakish to the savory Meat and cheesy indulgence of the Cheese Manakish, Arabian Fish House presents a diverse selection that will satisfy every palate. When it comes to breakfast places in Sharjah, Arabian Fish House stands out, inviting you to savor the best Manakish flavors in town and embark on a breakfast journey filled with taste, aroma, and culinary excellence.

Family Restaurant in Sharjah: A Haven of Levantine Delights:

When it comes to savoring Levantine cuisine, particularly for breakfast, Arabian fish house in Sharjah stands out as an exceptional family restaurant. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, , Arabian fish house offers a welcoming space where families can come together to enjoy a memorable dining experience.

At , Arabian fish house you can indulge in a sumptuous Levantine breakfast that showcases the diverse flavors of the region. From freshly baked bread to a wide array of dips, cheeses, and traditional pastries, the breakfast spread at , Arabian fish house reflects the essence of Levantine cuisine.


Moreover, , Arabian fish house takes pride in its commitment to quality ingredients, authentic recipes, and exceptional service. The friendly staff members ensure that your dining experience is a pleasant one, catering to your needs and providing recommendations based on your preferences.

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