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Healthy and Delicious Side Dishes to Complement Your Seafood Dinner

Seafood is a delicious and healthy protein that offers a range of nutritional benefits. From grilled salmon to fried shrimp, there are countless ways to enjoy seafood. However, no seafood dinner is complete without the perfect side dish. Whether you’re looking for something light and refreshing or rich and indulgent, there are plenty of side dishes that can complement your seafood dinner and take it to the next level.


Side Dishes to Your Seafood Dinner

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At Arabian Fish House, you can enjoy a variety of delicious side dishes that perfectly complement your seafood meal. From Arabic rice dishes to roasted vegetables and fresh salads, there are plenty of options to choose from that will enhance the flavor of your seafood.

In addition to the delicious food, Arabian Fish House also offers a stunning seaside location, perfect for enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean while savoring your meal.

So, if you’re looking for a fantastic seafood restaurant in Sharjah, be sure to check out Arabian Fish House. With its delicious food, stunning location, and welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a seafood feast with the perfect side dish.

1. Sayadiyah Rice

Sayadiyah rice Sayadiyah rice is a popular and flavorful rice dish that has been enjoyed in the Middle East for generations. This traditional dish is a perfect accompaniment to grilled or fried fish, and is a staple in many seafood restaurants across the region.


To make Sayadiyah rice, a blend of aromatic spices, including cumin, coriander, and turmeric, is first toasted in a pan to release their flavors. Chopped onions and garlic are then added to the pan and sautéed until they are soft and translucent. Tomato paste is added to the mixture and cooked until it has caramelized, creating a rich and flavorful base for the rice.


Next, the rice is added to the pan and coated in the tomato and spice mixture. Fish or chicken broth is then poured over the rice, and the mixture is brought to a simmer. The rice is left to cook until it is tender and fluffy, absorbing all of the delicious flavors of the spices and broth.


Once the rice is cooked, it is topped with crispy pieces of fried fish and fried onions, adding a crunchy texture and additional depth of flavor to the dish. The result is a hearty and satisfying side dish that perfectly complements any seafood meal.

2. Beetroot Salad

Beetroot salad is a vibrant and healthy side dish that is perfect for seafood lovers. This salad is made with roasted beets, which are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients and antioxidants. The beets are roasted until they are tender and sweet, and are then sliced and layered on a bed of fresh arugula.


To add some extra flavor and texture to the salad, crumbled goat cheese is sprinkled on top of the beets. The tangy and creamy goat cheese pairs perfectly with the sweet and earthy flavors of the beets. The salad is then drizzled with a tangy balsamic vinaigrette, which adds a bright and refreshing zest to the dish.


In addition to its delicious flavor, beetroot salad is also incredibly nutritious. Beets are rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamin C, making them a great addition to any healthy diet. Arugula is also a nutrient-dense green that is high in vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants.


Beetroot salad is a versatile side dish that pairs well with a variety of seafood dishes. It is a great way to add some extra nutrition and flavor to your meal, while still keeping it light and refreshing. And with its beautiful colors and textures, beetroot salad is sure to impress your guests and elevate your seafood dinner to the next level.

3. Seafood Soup

Healthy Seafood soup is a classic side dish that pairs perfectly with any type of seafood. Whether you prefer creamy seafood chowder or a light and brothy seafood soup, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the best seafood soups include clam chowder, lobster bisque, and cioppino. These rich and flavorful soups are sure to impress your dinner guests.

4. Tartar Sauce

Tartar sauce is a classic condiment that is commonly served with seafood dishes. This creamy and tangy sauce is made with mayonnaise, chopped pickles or relish, capers, lemon juice, and a variety of spices and herbs. Tartar sauce is typically served cold and is a perfect accompaniment to fried fish, crab cakes, and shrimp.


The base of tartar sauce is mayonnaise, which is typically mixed with chopped pickles or relish to add a tangy flavor and crunchy texture. Capers are often added to provide a briny flavor, while lemon juice adds a bright and refreshing zest. Spices and herbs, such as dill, parsley, and garlic, can also be added to enhance the flavor of the sauce.

Tartar sauce is easy to make and can be customized to your liking. You can adjust the amount of pickles, capers, and lemon juice to achieve the desired level of tanginess. You can also experiment with different herbs and spices to create a unique flavor profile that complements your seafood dish.


Tartar sauce is a versatile condiment that can be used in a variety of ways. It is a popular topping for fish sandwiches and burgers, and can also be used as a dipping sauce for fried seafood. It is a classic accompaniment to fish and chips and adds a delicious flavor and texture to any seafood dish.


In conclusion, tartar sauce is a classic and versatile condiment that is perfect for seafood lovers. Whether you’re frying, grilling, or baking your seafood, tartar sauce is a great way to add some extra flavor and texture to your dish.

5. Chef's Signature Seafood Soup

Chef’s signature seafood soup is a flavorful and unique take on traditional seafood soup. This soup is typically made with a variety of fresh seafood, including shrimp, mussels, clams, and crab, and is simmered in a flavorful broth made with herbs, spices, and aromatics.


To make chef’s signature seafood soup, the seafood is typically sautéed in olive oil or butter until it is cooked through and lightly browned. The seafood is then removed from the pan and set aside. In the same pan, a base is made by cooking onions, garlic, and celery until they are soft and translucent.

Next, a variety of herbs and spices are added to the base, such as bay leaves, thyme, and red pepper flakes. This is then deglazed with white wine and fish or chicken stock, and simmered until the flavors have melded together.


The seafood is then added back into the pan and simmered until it is heated through and the soup has thickened to the desired consistency. Some variations may also include diced tomatoes, fennel, or other vegetables for added flavor and nutrition.


Chef’s signature seafood soup is a flavorful and unique dish that is perfect for seafood lovers. It pairs well with crusty bread or crackers, and can be garnished with fresh herbs or a drizzle of olive oil. This soup is a great way to showcase the flavors of fresh seafood, and is sure to impress your dinner guests. Side Dishes for Grilled Fish


If you’re grilling your seafood, there are plenty of side dishes that can complement the smoky and savory flavors of grilled fish. Grilled vegetables, such as asparagus, zucchini, and bell peppers, are a great option. You can also serve grilled corn on the cob or a simple arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette.

6. Side Dishes for Fried Fish

Fried fish is a classic seafood dish that pairs well with a range of sides. French fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings are all popular options. You can also serve coleslaw or potato salad for a classic Southern-style side dish.


In conclusion, there are a multitude of side dishes that can perfectly complement the unique flavors of seafood. Whether you prefer indulgent and rich side dishes or healthier and lighter options, there is a side dish out there that will perfectly complement your seafood dinner. From the classic and traditional sayadiyah rice to the refreshing beetroot salad, and the creamy seafood soup, there are plenty of options to choose from that will elevate your dining experience.


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So why not try some of these delicious side dishes and elevate your seafood dinner today? Whether you’re grilling, frying, or baking your seafood, there’s a perfect side dish out there to take your meal to the next level. Visit Al Hira Beach in Sharjah and indulge in a seafood feast like no other, complemented by the perfect side dish to make your dining experience unforgettable.