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Dive into Flavor: Exploring Hot & Cold Appetizers at Arabian Fish House


Welcome to the culinary paradise of hot and cold appetizer in Arabian Fish House Restaurant. Where the aromatic spices and rich flavors of most popular appetizers in Arabian cuisine take center stage. Nestled within its vibrant ambiance. This renowned seafood restaurant offers a tantalizing array of hot and cold appetizers that will transport your taste buds. Going on a captivating journey through Middle Eastern flavors. Arabian Fish House is a culinary gem that celebrates the region’s rich cultural heritage, drawing inspiration from the bountiful waters of the Arabian Gulf. With its emphasis on fresh seafood and a fusion of traditional and modern techniques. The restaurant has become a go-to destination for food enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable dining experience. In this article, we invite you to embark on a gastronomic adventure. As we delve into the exquisite world of Arabian Fish House’s hot and cold appetizers. Introducing healthy seafood appetizers.

Symphony of spices and textures:

Prepare to be dazzled by a symphony of spices, textures, and aromas. That pay homage to the vibrant cuisine of the Arabian Peninsula. Hot appetizers at Arabian Fish House are a testament to the artistry of the culinary team. From sizzling grills to luscious stews, each dish is meticulously crafted to deliver a burst of flavors. Tender chicken marinated in a blend of aromatic spices, a delectable fish dish with a fiery chili-based sauce. These hot appetizers are the embodiment of indulgence, offering a harmonious balance of spices and a delightful kick. And that ignites the senses. Cold appetizers like labneh balls in olive oil, makdous, makdous salad, syrian makdous, and hummus appetizer plate. All of these are examples of appetizing food. For those seeking refreshing respite from the Arabian heat, Arabian Fish House present a delightful contrast. Arabic appetizers like shanklish and kibbeh meat.

Explore the world of appetizers:

Explore the intricacies of classic mezze dishes like the creamy Hummus. Made from velvety chickpeas and drizzled with olive oil, or the vibrant and tangy Tabbouleh salad. Bursting with fresh herbs and juicy tomatoes. These cold appetizers showcase the vibrant colors and vibrant flavors that are emblematic of Arabian cuisine. Each bite is a refreshing revelation that offers a moment of sheer culinary bliss. Prepare to be enthralled as we embark on a culinary voyage. Uncovering the hidden treasures of Arabian Fish House’s hot and cold appetizers. Join us going to the secrets behind their perfectly balanced flavors. The exquisite ingredients that elevate each dish, and the stories that have shaped these time-honored recipes. Giving you options for appetizers whether they are appetizer dishes, or appetizer plates in any appetizer menu. Hot appetizers like cheese burek, fried potatoes, kibbeh balls, kibbeh labanieh, and musakhan rolls.

Arabian Fish House Restaurant offers a diverse range of cold appetizers that perfectly complement its hot offerings. From traditional favorites to unique delicacies, these chilled delights showcase the rich flavors and textures of Arabian cuisine.

Cold appetizers options in Arabian Fish House’s menu:

Arabian Fish House Restaurant’s cold appetizers set the stage for a culinary journey through the vibrant flavors of the Arabian Peninsula. From the creamy and tangy labneh to the smoky depths of baba ganoush, each dish offers a unique experience that complements the restaurant’s hot offerings. Shanklish, a tangy and crumbly cheese, is a popular choice among patrons seeking a refreshing start to their meal. Made from aged cow or sheep’s milk, this traditional Levantine cheese is often paired with fresh vegetables and drizzled with olive oil. Creating a delightful medley of flavors. Mutabal, or baba ganoush, is a smoky eggplant dip that tantalizes the taste buds. Roasted eggplant is blended with tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil, resulting in a creamy and flavorsome spread. Smoky aroma and rich, velvety texture make mutabal a delightfully addictive cold appetizer.

Makdous with a unique Arabic touch:

Makdous, also known as pickled eggplant, is a beloved Middle Eastern delicacy. Small eggplants are stuffed with a mixture of walnuts, garlic, chili peppers, and spices, then pickled in olive oil. The result is a burst of flavors that combine the tanginess of vinegar with the earthiness of eggplant and the richness of nuts. No Arabian feast is complete without hummus, a creamy and velvety chickpea dip. Blended with tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil, hummus offers a harmonious balance of flavors. Its smooth texture and nutty undertones make it a perfect accompaniment to warm pita bread or crunchy vegetables.

Muhammara as an excellent option for an appetizer:

Muhammara, a vibrant red dip, is a true gem of Arabian cuisine. Made from roasted red peppers, walnuts, breadcrumbs, pomegranate molasses, and spices, this savory-sweet dip offers a burst of complex flavors. Its slightly spicy and tangy profile makes it a perfect accompaniment to grilled meats and bread. Yalanji, or stuffed vine leaves, are a vegetarian delight. Tender vine leaves filled with a mixture of rice, herbs, spices, and lemon juice, creating a delightful balance of flavors. These bite-sized parcels are refreshing, tangy, and fragrant, making them a popular choice among diners. Labneh, a strained yogurt similar to Greek yogurt, is a staple in Arabian cuisine. Its thick and creamy consistency makes it a versatile. Whether served plain or adorned with herbs, spices, or olive oil, labneh provides a refreshing and cooling sensation. And also, that complements the spiciness of hot dishes.

Labneh balls with olive oil:

Labneh balls with olive oil are another must-try cold appetizer. These creamy, tangy balls of strained yogurt are rolled and preserved in olive oil. Infusing them with a rich and velvety texture. Served with warm bread or crisp pita chips, they offer a delightful contrast of smoothness and crunch. So, indulge in these chilled delights and let your taste buds savor the harmony of hot and cold appetizers. Appetizer food is an important type of food like egyptian appetizers, lunch appetizers you can eat labneh balls. Arabic salad mutabal with muhammara, or Yalanji, best cold appetizers. All that other than kibbeh. Fried kibbeh with mutabal or musakhan roll. Hummus with meat, fried kibbeh balls with batersh and meat burek. And also enjoy hot burek.  

Delectable options of fish appetizers:

Arabian Fish House Restaurant takes pride in its delectable fish appetizers, each offering a tantalizing burst of flavor. From the crispy and succulent fried bazri to the delicate and flavorful fried calamari, these dishes are sure to please seafood enthusiasts. Fried hobool, also known as pomfret, is another crowd-pleaser. The fish is delicately seasoned, coated in a thin layer of batter, and fried until it achieves a crispy and golden finish. With its mild and delicate taste, fried hobool offers a delightful seafood experience that is both satisfying and flavorful. Fried calamari offer a satisfying combination of flavors and textures. So, a seafood lover looking for an extraordinary culinary adventure. Make sure to indulge in the fish appetizers at Arabian Fish House Restaurant. From the crispy and irresistible fried bazri to the delicate and flavorful fried calamari.

Fried bazri with our signature:

Fried bazri, a popular choice among diners, showcases the restaurant’s expertise in frying fish to perfection. The fillets are coated in a light and crispy batter, then deep-fried to achieve a golden and crunchy exterior. The tender and flaky flesh of the bazri fish is complemented by a hint of seasoning. Resulting in a delightful combination of textures and flavors. Arabian Fish House Restaurant’s fish appetizers highlight the quality and freshness of their seafood. As well as their mastery of frying techniques. Each dish is a testament to their commitment to delivering a memorable dining experience. Whether you prefer the larger fillets of bazri and hobool or the smaller bites of lady fish, shrimp, or calamari. You can expect a symphony of flavors that celebrates the natural taste of the sea.

Fried lady fish as an appetizer:

For those seeking a smaller fish option, fried lady fish is a must-try. These petite fish are lightly seasoned, coated in a crispy batter, and fried to perfection. The result is a platter of bite-sized delights that offer a burst of flavor with every crunchy bite. Fried shrimps are a classic favorite, and Arabian Fish House Restaurant knows how to elevate them to new heights. The succulent shrimp are coated in a light and flavorful batter, then fried until they turn a beautiful shade of golden brown. This dish is a true celebration of the natural sweetness and delicate texture of shrimp. Last but not least, fried calamari are beloved seafood appetizer that never fails to impress. Tender rings of calamari are coated in a light and crispy batter, then fried to achieve a delightful crunch. Served with a tangy dipping sauce.


Arabian Fish House is a culinary haven that beckons food enthusiasts. To embark on a tantalizing exploration of hot and cold appetizers. With a menu that showcases the rich flavors and cultural heritage of Arabian cuisine. This seafood restaurant offers a dining experience like no other. The hot appetizers at Arabian Fish House tantalize the senses with their sizzling grills, aromatic spices, and perfectly balanced flavors. Each dish is a testament to the artistry of the culinary team and their dedication to creating indulgent and memorable flavors. On the other hand, the cold appetizers at Arabian Fish House provide a refreshing respite from the Arabian heat. From the creamy Hummus to the smoky Mutabal, these chilled delights offer a vibrant burst of flavors. Showcasing the culinary finesse and vibrant colors that are synonymous with Arabian cuisine.

Paulina Mohammed AliPaulina Mohammed Ali
16:49 10 Jun 23
The best shrimps and fish what I ever eat, service’s amazing atmosphere one on the best in UEA . I highly recommend Sharjah hidden gem . 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Ashfak, Shebaz and the rest of the team fantastic people 🤩🤩🤩🤩
DrFahimah AlawadhiDrFahimah Alawadhi
15:58 09 Apr 23
This fantastic restaurant is located next to see with its amazing view , and see breeze is a perfect place to dine in. The food is very delicious and perfectly made with all the dishes we tried. The service and waiters are extra professional and friendly. I really recommend this place. Its a must try place. For tourists in sharjah really its a pure atmosphere of arabian luxury food and service. The price is very good , half of what you pay for if you dine in dubai.Prasil was our server. He was excellent and attentive to all at all time , this ia an added value to the perfection of restaurant. Thank you for making our evening perfect.
Dinith NaveenDinith Naveen
08:57 20 Mar 23
This place is great! Atmosphere is chill and cool but the staff is also really friendly. They know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about, and you can tell making the customers happy is their main priority. Food is pretty good, some Emirati classics, Authentic and for their prices it’s 100% worth it. I Visited with my Family and they are welcome us in nice way. I was really Enjoyed while having my Lunch there. Amazing View. I Would like to Highly recommend to visit this place to have some real Emirati cuisines while listening traditional songs. The Grilled Shrimps and Saloona Hamour was delicious and also the drinks was amazing. So you can Visit this place to get some good experience.
Break from the cityA unique restaurant to have a break feast from the city in Sharjah delicious food and variety of menu items professional staff and fresh food friendly welcome and love the decoration of white and blue
issaoui manelissaoui manel
16:38 03 Mar 23
Went during night time with my friend , weather was great we sat outside facing the beach.Didn’t try food as already had dinner but we ordered dessert, went for Loqimat and tea. Served hot , it was crispy and yummy.All staff were truly friendly and approachable.
Rinad BsoulRinad Bsoul
14:36 11 Feb 23
It was an amazing experience, the fish courses were fresh and tasty, the ambience of the place was magical with the beach view. I personally recommend coming just before the sunset to eat your meal.We ordered Luqaimat and Basbosa as a dessert which was marvelous along with the tea served.The service was very welcoming and kindThe price is a bit over the usual for a fish meal, but it was worth the experience.Would definitely come again for dessert and tea by the seaside.