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5 Must-Try Breakfast Dishes at Arabian Fish House in Sharjah

Breakfast is the most important meal to kick start your day with energy and vitality. But what better way to begin your day than by indulging in the most delicious Arabian breakfast dishes? At Arabian Fish House, you’re in for an unforgettable experience with the best breakfast in Sharjah. Here, the tastiest cuisines blend seamlessly with the mesmerizing beauty of the sea. Let’s explore together the top 5 breakfast dishes you must experience at Arabian Fish House.

5 best Breakfast Dishes at Arabian Fish House

Start your day off right with a delectable Arabian breakfast that will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day. With stunning sea views and a menu packed with mouthwatering dishes, this is the ultimate breakfast destination. Don’t miss out on the top 5 must-try breakfast dishes at Arabian Fish House – your taste buds will thank you!

AFH special Tray

If there’s something that can perfectly combine culinary excellence and stunning ambiance, it’s undoubtedly the Arabian Fish House Breakfast Platter. This isn’t just your regular breakfast; it’s an exceptional tasting journey through Arabian flavors. You have the option to choose your favorite from whipped eggs, omelets, fried eggs, or zaatar fava beans. These are served alongside an assortment of Labneh, Falafel, Makdous, local cheese, Shanklish, and other delectable delights. A drizzle of honey on the kashta cream adds the perfect finishing touch.


If you’re searching for a distinctive breakfast experience that blends authentic Eastern flavors with the joy of a new day, the AFH special Tray is the ideal choice. It’s an unforgettable experience presented by Arabian Fish House, offering you the most delicious dishes and delightful flavors to savor in your morning.

What Sets Apart the AFH Special Tray?

The uniqueness of AFH’s special Tray lies in the diversity of dishes it offers. Starting from fresh labneh and delectable falafel, moving on to olives, pickles, and mouthwatering Makdous, and reaching the traditional touch of Baladi cheese – all accompanied by a pot of fragrant sulaimani tea pot. It completes the experience of a delicious Eastern breakfast.


AFH special tray offers a distinctive experience for lovers of authentic Eastern cuisine. It’s a chance to savor enticing flavors and relish quiet, memorable moments at the start of your day, bringing together delectable dishes and the enchanting seaside atmosphere.


Variety within AFH special tray:


The AFH special tray lets you choose from a diverse array of delightful Eastern dishes. You can choose whipped eggs, omelets, fried eggs, or Foul with sides of zaatar with olive oil, to provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

Chicken Liver Tray:

When it comes to an authentic Eastern breakfast experience, the Chicken Liver Tray at Arabian Fish House stands out as one of the prominent choices you must try. It offers a unique taste journey filled with flavors, meticulously prepared from succulent and seasoned chicken liver pieces. Fresh onion slices and green pepper strips, along with olive oil and fresh bread, accompany this rich and flavorful experience.


Immerse yourself in the heartwarming flavors and inviting ambiance of Arabian Fish House’s breakfast offerings. Start your day with a blend of savory delights and the soothing sound of the sea. It’s more than just a meal – it’s a memorable experience that awakens your senses and sets the tone for a wonderful day ahead.


The chicken liver tray comes with every detail to offer you a unique experience from start to finish. The fresh and carefully spiced chicken liver makes it an exceptional taste, and next to it, the pieces of onions and green peppers add texture and distinctive flavor to the tray.

Why is the chicken liver tray your chance to discover the best breakfast in Sharjah?


When you choose to eat a chicken liver tray at Arabian Fish House, you are not just choosing an ordinary meal. Rather, you choose an experience rich in flavors

It transports you to a world full of authentic Arabic flavors, so do not miss the opportunity to eat the best breakfast in Sharjah with the taste of Arabian Fish House

Why "Arabian Fish House" is one of the best breakfast restaurants in Sharjah:

Arabian Fish House is an ideal destination to experience the authentic Arabian breakfast, as the dishes combine tradition and modern flavors, with the beauty of the sea adding extra charm to every moment you spend there.

Meat manakish Tray:

The meat manakish tray in the “Arabian Fish House” is a culinary masterpiece that combines delicious meat with distinctive oriental spices. Two pieces of meat manakish are served with pieces of delicious green pepper, pickles and fresh bread.

The meat manakish is carefully marinated:

The meat manakish in “Arabian Fish House” is prepared with delicious meat carefully seasoned to give you a unique dining experience. The meat is served in the form of delicious manakish that has a unique taste. The meat is cooked with softness and deliciousness, as it was carefully prepared to match the authentic oriental flavors.

What distinguishes the meat manakish from Arabian Fish House Restaurant?

What distinguishes the meat manakish in “Arabian Fish House” is a touch of oriental spices that impart a distinctive flavor to the meat. Spices mix with the meat to create a unique dining experience full of flavors. These spices reflect the essence of Arabic cooking and add a touch of antiquity and tradition to the taste.

Enjoy breakfast by the sea at the best restaurants in Sharjah:

When the smell of fresh air meets the calm breeze of the morning, the delicious flavors of breakfast mix with the enchanting beauty of the sea, a special mixture is created that can give your day the perfect start. The experience of having breakfast on the beach at the “Arabian Fish House” restaurant offers you a unique combination of flavors and picturesque landscapes.

The secret of the deliciousness of Manakish Arabian Fish House:

Preparing manakish at “Arabian Fish House” requires moments of care and precision in its preparation. The best natural and fresh ingredients are chosen with great care, to be kneaded perfectly and shaped professionally to turn into a perfect base that carries the distinctive flavors on top of it.


The distinguishing feature of the Manakish at Arabian Fish House is the personal touch that is added to it. It’s not just dough, it’s a piece of art expressed by the chefs with great care. It carries with it a hint of heart and passion, making every morsel that melts in your mouth an experience rich in tastes and emotions.

Various menu:

Whether you are looking for a hearty breakfast or a dinner experience, the Arabian Fish House menu ensures that all taste preferences are catered for.


Arabian Fish House Restaurant features a variety of delicious oriental dishes that cater to the preferences of every taste. Whether you are looking for a delicious breakfast or a unique dinner experience, you will find a variety of options on the menu that will satisfy everyone’s taste.

Why Manakish Arabian Fish House:

From the moment the manakish tray from Arabian Fish House arrives in front of you until the last bite, you will feel as if you are on a journey that begins with the beauty of the diversity of flavors and the international method of preparation and ends with a cup of Sulaimani tea in the traditional way. Do not miss the opportunity to experience this trip.

Create memories with your family:

When you visit the “Arabian Fish House” restaurant, you will find yourself in an unforgettable place to create memories and valuable moments with loved ones. You will enjoy the moments of magic and passion provided by the atmosphere and food, as it is one of the best family restaurants in Sharjah

Manakish zaatar tray:

When the flavors of fresh zaatar mix with delicious bread in the Manakish zaatar tray at the “Arabian Fish House” restaurant, you now go back in time to taste the most prominent oriental flavors that reflect the originality of cooking. Don’t forget the tray is served with appetizers of fresh vegetables and pickles

A special atmosphere awaits you at Arabian Fish House:

From the moment you enter the restaurant, you will be surrounded by a unique atmosphere that combines tradition and modernity. The design and decoration of the place gives a distinctive and warm feel that makes you feel welcome and comfortable.


Colors and elements mix in the “Arabian Fish House” restaurant, with a design that combines originality and modernity. From the eye-catching oriental décor with the modern touches, you feel as if you are in an oriental world that blends the past and the present perfectly.



What makes the atmosphere in the Arabian Fish House special is the integration of all the elements. It is not just a place to eat, it is an experience that allows you to breathe in the spirit of the East and enjoy the warm and positive atmosphere.


The distinctive ambiance of the Arabian Fish House restaurant combines visual beauty, delicious food and high-end service to provide you with a dining experience in which moments flow smoothly and charm, and make every visit to the restaurant an unforgettable memory.

The delicious secret of the Manakish zaatar:

What adds to the beauty of the Manakish zaatar Arabian experience at Arabian Fish House is the scene in which it is served. You can enjoy eating this dish in front of a stunning view of the sea waves and the beauty of the marine environment, which makes your experience unforgettable.

The best restaurants in Sharjah by the sea

If you are looking for quiet moments to relax and contemplate, breakfast at the “Arabian Fish House” restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Sharjah by the sea. Enjoy your meal in front of a stunning view of the sea, where the colors of the sky and the sea meet to create a stunning painting.


Tray decorated with thyme reflects the fragrant heritage and authentic food traditions. The use of fresh thyme in this dish adds a touch of authenticity and tradition to the flavor, making it an ideal choice for lovers of traditional Arabic cooking.

Sulaimani tea from Arabian Fish House has a special taste:

Sulaimani tea is not just a drink, it is an experience that takes you on a unique journey through every sip. With its unique blend of black tea and flavors of cardamom and saffron, Sulaimani tea takes you on a journey through the flavorful heritage of the East.


Sulaimani tea is the perfect companion for moments of meditation and reflection. When you rest in a seat in front of the stunning sea view and hold a cup of tea in your hands, moments of stillness and peace appear before you, and the soul is refreshed with inspiration and new ideas. It is a moment when time stops to indulge in a real moment that brings you joy and relaxation. It is as if you are stopping at the threshold of the present and enjoying the moment in all its details and magnificence.

labneh and zaatar manakeesh Tray:

Labneh and zaatar manakeesh Tray at Arabian Fish House combines two incomparable tastes. Fresh labneh and authentic zaatar harmonize to make the perfect base for delicious manakish. Thyme is one of the distinctive oriental spices that adds a unique character to the taste, while the whipped labneh adds a touch of softness and deliciousness. This harmony between labneh and thyme gives you an irresistible delicious experience.

Manakish Labneh and Zaatar in the “Arabian Fish House” is not limited to only labneh and zaatar, but comes with more variety. The tray is served next to fresh vegetables and pickles, adding a distinctive character to the taste. Fresh vegetables impart a distinctive flavor and beautiful color to the tray, while pickles add a touch of acidity and balance to the overall flavor.

This delicious Arabic experience combines delicious tastes with moments of comfort. The labneh and zaatar manakish tray is served with a cup of Sulaimani tea, which is the perfect accompaniment to this meal. You can enjoy moments of warmth and contemplation with this traditional Arabic tea, combining the tastes of dishes with extreme comfort.

Exceptional service

“Arabian Fish House” restaurant includes an experienced and professional team in the field of hospitality. The staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service that makes the dining experience more comfortable and satisfying.


From delicious falafel to delicious manakish, enjoy a dining experience that enchants your senses and takes you on a journey full of oriental flavors. Every piece comes prepared with great care, as the chef adds his special touches to every dish at Arabian Fish House Restaurant

The beauty of the sea accompanies your experience:

What distinguishes the “Arabian Fish House” restaurant is its exceptional location on the sea. If you prefer to have your meal in front of a stunning view of the sea waves and a beautiful sunset, then this is the perfect place for you.

Arabian Fish House is an unforgettable breakfast experience. Come and enjoy the best breakfast Sharjah